Musicbrainz - AllMusic Relationship

I created a release in Musicbrainz and dug through AllMusic to find the artist. Plex has pulled the bio back in to their app but Roon still has nothing for this guy. Roon has pulled in the release but not the AllMusic association.

Hopefully Roon isn’t trying to match by name only since the official artist name in Musicbrainz might never have been used by the artist themselves. There are rules the editors use for certain genres. For instance the last example I came across is The Clef Hangers. Due to these rules you may not find a release for an artist credited as the name on their Musicbrainz artist record.

Hi @Jon_Theriault1,

In this case it looks like an Artist Name Alias has not been entered. If this is entered for the artist Roon should be able to detect this data.