MusicBrainz for creating tags

on E:\ drive is only music, nothing else…
but will create a new folder…

another pc, another folder, same result:

Fix Songs Report 9

Fix Songs Report

Summarizes how many songs have been loaded and checked, how long the matching process took, and how many songs are matched to MusicBrainz, Discogs, Artwork, BPM and Mood

Song Matching Summary

  • 24,025 songs checked against MusicBrainz and Discogs before task cancelled by SongKong because of unreported error
  • Not Loaded: 344
  • Errors and Warnings: 179
  • Selected Folder : E:\A
  • Base Folder: E:\A
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what the hell is this, can´t hear anything with roon, too much mistakes?!

my entire collection is broken, can’t hear anything anymore
too much interference playback will stop

now my files are looking this kind and are unuseable…

Hi, I have now now looked at your reports, in each report there is an issue with reading files it seems that possibly this is a remote drive and the network is unreliable because there are numerous errors with loading files, and the list of files is different for each report. And I think that it is not loading many of the files because it cannot see them, although I must admit it is a bit curious because you did manage to run Status Report okay.

Can I ask what server E:\ resides on and what filesystem it uses ?

Then, it seems you have tried on another PC and have you purchased SongKong because it sounds like you are saying it is now changing files rather than just running in preview ?

Looking at the screenshots it looks like some files have metadata and some do not, now under normal circumstances SongKong only modifies the files if it can match all the files to one album. So I am assuming the issue is it cannot read all the files when it comes to saving them therefore some not modified, so I would suggest we do the following

  1. Send me support files for new computer so I can check details
  2. Rerun SongKong on one of these individual problem folders and see if it fixes the problem because it seems it is essentially random the files it cannot read so on second run would hopefully fix the remaining untouched files

But need to get to the bottom of why cannot read all files, and part from test 2 best not to rerun except in preview mode until solved the problem, sorry you have had bad experience this is not norm.

Dont see why that would be case, unless you renamed the files because then Roon would not know where they are.

not too much time today…
E.\is an ext. HD, running on my NUC 10, win 11
roon didn´t find the files, cause I created a new folder “music” (which is deleted now…)

Revert to your Back Up maybe ??

fortunately not necessary…

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at first have to find the damaged files…

Hi Mattias

So your music files are on a NUC and I assume that SongKong then runs on another Windows PC, so from that PC the drive is a networked drive ?

I am a bit confused about SongKong on the second PC that you say was looking at the same files because on the second PC the files seem to be in alphabetical sub folders, but they are not in the report from the fist PC.

And I am also confused about the damaged files, have you purchased SongKong and ran it so actually made changes and when you say damaged what do you actually mean? The metadata is incorrect for some files, the files have been moved and cannot be played by Roon because not reindexed them, or they are actually damaged and cannot be played in VLC.

So I would love to resolve this but I do need a bit more detailed information from this, and also your support file from the second PC otherwise I’m just guessing what has actually happened.

1.) No, songkong is running on the NUC, no network.
2.) Songkong is running on different PC´s, the second one is separate, no networ. The folder E:\ is a local folder

Okay so on the NUC my suspicion is that having Roon running at same time is the issue. If you shutdown Roon and then run SongKong in preview mode how do far does it get?

You haven’t sent me support files for for 2nd PC yet, but I’m assuming if this is running against local files that is a copy of your library and has no effect on Roon on your NUC, it may well have stopped because of completely different reason than NUC version I cannot tell without support files.

OK, I have to do a visit, that time I´ll let it run…

12:19h, still workin´

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Okay thanks for support files.

So for Pc 2 the Status Report completes without error 24,324 songs checked, FIx Songs completes after 24,025 songs almost the same number, so actually it did complete, the problem is that it encountered a few strange errors (see below)

and because it did not handle them correctly the file started count didnt match files completed count and therefore it reports unexpected error

Never seen this error before, I assume your drive is not using some kind of encryption .or something else unusual, however only affects a few files so the report is valid in terms of having look at potential results.

Now it did only match about 50% to MusicBrainz which is lower then I would expect, but then again if it contains alot of bootlegs (which it seems to) then that is still a useful result.

For the Nuc, unfortunately you have run Status report again which worked first time anyway, instead of Fix Songs. However interestingly it shows 909,000 songs whereas the first time it completed with 666,000 songs. so have you added alot of songs since first run ?

I also notice still using Lite license, so it seems the issue with damaged files is related to something else since in preview mode SongKong would make no changes to your music files.

Good morning,
nothing added since the first try.

I will compare the reports to work out difference, if you have stopped Roon on the Nuc can you try running a Fix Songs task rather than Status Report.

…then I’ll have to do without roon for the second day, as long as it takes…