Musicbrainz release not in Roon dataset?

While checking my unidentified albums I’ve noticed that for one of it there’s already data at musicbrainz available: - but I don’t seem to get an identification in Roon. Is there a reason for this? I’ve tried various search strings but that didn’t help - is this album present in the Roon dataset at all?

I didn’t think Roon used MusicBrainz, could be wrong

They do, they do - usually. Else I would have 170 or so albums more not identified yet … :wink:

learn something new every day

AFAIK they use it, but don’t consider it as their primary database.

Not sure I follow that.

Well, if Roon wouldn’t usually pickup my musicbrainz additions, I’d have more unidentified albums in my library. :slight_smile:

OK I think I see, don’t forget it uses other services too so you don’t actually know which one identified any particular album.

Well, if an album “suddenly” gets identified after I’ve added the data to musicbrainz it’s a safe bet that this correlates somehow. :wink:

Now I understand, you are submitting data to MusicBrainz, but in this instance Roon is not picking up your submitted data !

I am down to 32 not IDed , the delete key does wonders :nerd_face:

They are real weirdies

The title of the MusicBrainz release group and release – Symphonies and Symphonic Poems – would appear not to relate to the artwork associated with the release, which is a bit odd.

We have equivalenced this release to this one which you can see at

You’ll have better luck looking for it under that title.

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Thank you - found it! :slight_smile:

In this particular case it wasn’t data I’ve added. I was checking if I should add the album to musicbrainz but noticed it was already there. As it turned out I lacked the right search string to get an identification …

The search lottery is like the early days of Google etc where you really had to think about the search terms. We take it for granted now that we can be inaccurate and the engine will cope.

Yep. Sometimes, it takes me four iterations to “uncover” an ID. It is a dark art to me.

@John_V Do you think that this is a search problem then?

First, I was talking about MB, not Roon.

But to the question, yes, I do. I wish I could remember one album of mine that would not identify in either MB or DC. I kept shortening the title, moving composers to titles then back to artists. Finally got it on the fourth try, my most oblique choice.

I’ve found myself wanting a composer field and, in particular, a label field. Either or both would reduce the excess.

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