MusicBrainz to Roon -- how long does it take

I thought it would be a service to the community to enter the information about my unidentified albums to the Musicbrainz database instead of doing it just locally. To try that idea, I created some album entries in Musicbrainz about a week ago. However, they don’t show up in Roon yet. Any experiences how long this usually takes?

Unfortunately, endlessly.
Some info is coming through ‘quickly’, i.e. a month or so.
Other info is just not coming through i.e. No update after 6 months

Hi @anon90297517. Please would you give some examples? Is it albums not turning up, or certain types of metadata? We run a slave server to the MusicBrainz database and ingest the metadata every 24 hours, so if additions or edits have gone live in the MusicBrainz DB, then we should have them. If something isn’t working properly, we want to fix it.

Ah, my first album appeared right now.

Sorry but I am in hospital after a bike-car accident.
(I was on the bike)
Once home I will see if I can find back some examples , but I have long giving up waiting for automatic metadata updates.
I am still old school, entering metadata in the music files themselves for all music I have bought in my life, also for new ones.

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However, it seems, that Musicbrainz Relationships like recording location and date are not taken over. Is that right @joel?

Good recovery for you @anon90297517. I’m going to ride my bike this afternoon. Hope to fare better.
Old school as well.

@joel But you had some kind of hang there recently, didn’t you? It seems like things come through again, now. But quite some albums had piled up over a few weeks …

Yes, it was the MusicBrainz schema change which paused things for a while. It’s back to normal now.

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Recently added few releases to MusicBrainz DB but some are still not showing in Roon.
Would you be able to check what might be wrong, below two examples:
Both are singles where covers especially for 1990s/2000s CDM/CDS releases are only available in low res (500x500 or 600x600) on discogs.
Does this could be the case that metadata is not being imported?

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