MusicBrainz to Roon primary artist import hiccup (Stupor mundi)

A recent metadata import from MucisBrainz into the Roon metadata set seems to have stumbled across some separator issues:

The album / data source at MusicBrainz:

And the result in roon today:

Three , and an & got ignored and a single primary artist entry was created. May call for another round of tuning the MB import routine(s)? @support would you please forward this? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ugee, you have the ability to add delimiters to your user settings. However, specifying commas in could be dangerous. Too many ensemble names with commas in them.

I’ll bet you only have a semicolon specified. Know this: when you add, say, an ampersand to the list, it remunges your ENTIRE library.

One other coping mechanism. Have your tagger or ripper substitute semicolons for commas. But again, that could lead to unintended consequences. HTH

Thanks for the hint, but it’s not about my own tags but the data coming from Roon:

John, thanks; i’ve set delimiters up in a way that works well for my file tags. No , involved there.
The issue I have is with tags from Roon = IDed data as shown in my second screenshot - the :tropical_fish: symbol indicates the Primary Artist value comes from Roon and not from file tags. Since I’m sure what the data source looks like I assume the import MusicBrainz --> Roon metadata cloud went wrong somehow.
Let’s see if there’s some feedback from the metadata sorcerers at Roon. :grinning:

But: no crystal ball involved here. I know that Roon tweaks the Metadata sourcing from MusicBrainz now and then. And almost all my MB additions found the way into Roon sooner or later. I’m happy with that - only also now and then a lil’ accident happens. Like in this case.

Hi, @ndrscr, thanks for the report! We made an investigation and it looks like a bug in our metadata processing. So, I sent this info to our dev team, I hope that the will find a solution for this problem.

Thanks for pointing this out!


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