Must re-enable extension randomly

I have two custom extensions running on a RBP Zero. Randomly I notice they stop working and when I go into extensions (via iPad) I notice I have to hit the enable button.

I’ve verified the extensions haven’t crashed, nor has Roon. Roon core is running on a Server 2016 server.

I understand what causes it to be disabled, the API key is probably changing for some reason causing Roon to ask for it to be enabled.

If I look in the “authorizations” section of Roon’s UI, I see a huge list of every time I’ve enabled it. Basically it doesn’t see that it’s the same extension, rather it’s different due to the key changing perhaps? I have not verified that the key is changing, by the way. Should I?

Are there any roon logs I can look into on the core server to help me point to anything? I am not using any extension manager. I am running the extensions on the RBP using crontab @ reboot under sudo. I have searched here and see a few people having this issue but with MacOS and editing some sort of systemd running folder plist file, but I am not using that environment.

Would be cool if I could just defeat this “feature” as it’s just becoming a nuisance to me. I control volume and my amplifiers with these extensions so when they don’t work I can’t listen / control my music.


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I forgot I have configured (via crontab) a reboot script @ 4AM every morning on the RBP zero running the extensions. I did this because the extensions would literally disappear from the roon interface for no known reason. This auto-reboot fixed that issue, but then randomly an extension will need to be enabled. Oddly enough, it’s never both of the extensions, only one that needs it.

Ideally I’d like to just disable the auto-reboot. I wonder if I should configure these extensions to run as a service instead of “sudo &” via crontab.