Mute relays out of sync on USB (infrequently)

I wanted to bring to attention mainly to identify if anyone else had heard this issue…
I have USBridge Sig connected to Schiit Yggdrasil via USB. This DAC has muting relays that trigger at every sample rate change. Sometimes it happens out of sync and I get a bit of static / pop. I can “hear” the sample rate change instead of silence. A reboot fixes it.

It’s pretty random but, of course, it’s only really noticeable if it occurs while I’m listening to radio or a playlist where the rate changes. I’m mostly album listening.

No idea if this related to something out of sync with Ropieee or the Yggdrasil or Roon? Would like to solve it though as having to reboot when I’m in “in the zone” is less fun.


Use the resync delay setting

I set my Yggdrasil to 1500ms with pretty good result.

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Yes, I do this. The music isn’t getting cut-off like what happens when the Roon delay is too short. It’s just not muting at the correct time or comes off mute too quick. It’s very strange. I’ll try and record some audio next time it happens.

I ran into that once, rebooted Yggdrasil and it should be fine.

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Yeah, rebooting RoPieee fixes as well. Good to know I’m not the only one. I just can’t figure out what causes things to go out of sync.