Mutec not playing [resolved, needed reboot of Mutec]

I recently switched from Roon Core on a Mac Mini to a Nucleus+ and am having issues playing DSD media. They flat out won’t play at all. This media played perfectly before the switch and all the settings appear to be the same.

Do I need to add codecs to the Nucleus?

Any input appreciated.

Hello @hedkase,

Are you playing to a local zone connected directly to the Nucleus+ or to a networked zone?


Hey @John, I’m currently playing to a networked zone. It doesn’t seem like I would need a codec for that but can’t figure out another reason I don’t get audio for those media files.

Hello @hedkase,

What behavior are you seeing in Roon when you try and play back DSD media? Does roon provide you with an error message? Or does it appear to be playing without any sound outputting from your zone?


@John, exactly. It looks like its playing but no audio output.

no, they ship with the product and we pay the licenses to do that.

@John, @Danny - Got it sorted! I’m embarrassed to say all it took was reseting power to my Mutec device.