My Albums sort order not “sticky” [Under investigation]

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On the My Albums page the sort order regularly changes back to the default (by artist name if I remember) but it should remember my last used sort order.

Hey @GraemeM,

Thanks so much for reporting this - and please, accept our apology for getting back to you this late.

Can you please check Settings → General for the order set up there?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Hi rebeka,

Thank you for the reply. See below. No option for defining Sort Order as by Date Added:

I would love to know how most people like to view their music collections. I mostly add albums and then usually like to see the newest added ones at the top of the list. How do most people do it?

Hi @GraemeM
It seems the sort order is ‘sort of sticky’. That is to say that under many circumstances, how you set the sort order for My Albums view will hold from view-to-view and between sessions. However, there are a couple of circumstances documented here that show how this sort order will be disrupted. If you look at the screen recording in the referenced post, is that what you are seeing? That seems like a bug to me.

Also, you’re probably aware the sort order is client dependent. That is to say that if you have a view set one way on a laptop, it may be different than a sort order set another client you have like a table.

Any update on this bug?


Are you planning on responding to this support request?

I think they are working (I hope they are) on a lot of these little annoying issues that are scattered throughout 1.8. :smirk:

tl:dr - set your Date Sort Order preferences in your Browsers; ignore the date sort orders on the Settings page of Roon.

That screenshot you showed of the Settings page is not where you select the type of Sort Order in a Browser (e.g. “Sort by Artist”, “Sort by most played”, “Sort by date added”, “Sort by date”, Sort by album title".

These settings on the Settings page are only intended for setting the default Sort Order (e.g. “Newest first” or “Oldest first”) on some of the types of Sort Orders.

I would love to know how most people like to view their music collections. I mostly add albums and then usually like to see the newest added ones at the top of the list. How do most people do it?

You do this by going to the Sort selector in the Album browser, and choosing the “Sort by date added” option - making sure that the vertical arrow is also pointing downwards (i.e. “Newest first”). Clicking on the arrow will change its direction and toggle between “Newest first” and “Oldest first”.

As @grossmsj says, these selections in the Browsers are supposed to be sticky, and unique to the Control device that you set them on. Can you please confirm if this is not the case for you?

There is one associated issue that has been reported to Roon Labs. I said earlier that the settings on the Settings page are intended for setting the default Sort Order. That was I believe the case in earlier versions of Roon.

However, with 1.8 and the expanded possibilities of the Sort Orders in the browsers, the date settings (“Album date sort order” and “Date added sort order”) on the Settings page no longer reset the Sort Orders to a default across the browsers and Control devices. Whatever you set on your devices should remain as you set them.

It seems to me that these particular settings should either act as setting the default across devices, or they are now irrelevant in the latest design of 1.8 and should be removed. The decision is currently with Roon Labs.

Thank you for the response Geoff. I can confirm that the album browser sort order is sometimes sticky and sometimes NOT sticky. So on a regular basis the album sort order reverts back to the default.

I am aware that the General Settings sort orders are not for the album browser sort order but the now AWOL roon labs staff member asked me for that.

I can understand that roon have decided not to allow users to customise content as each user would wish and that they believe they know best how we would like to view content but something as basic as not allowing users to order their album collection as they may prefer is a sign that something is rotten in roon.

Is it possible that this is caused by restarting your Core? My ROCK/NUC is on 24/7, and I’m not seeing this issue on my Control devices.

My ROCK has been running for over 8 days it says so can’t be that. Just tested restarting ROCK and it did not reset the album browser sort order.

Roon seems to have preferences for almost everything else so would it kill them to have a preference for album sort order? Or maybe there is some bug I am experiencing that is preventing stickiness. I know other people have this issue. But roon are ignoring it apparently.

I suspect it’s more likely to have got added to the list of issues to be tackled and given a low priority as compared with others (e.g. fixing the Open GL graphics Display issue must clearly get higher priority).

But my problems are more important than everyone elses problems that I don’t have! :joy:

Thank you Geoff.


If only everyone stated that in a humorous way… :+1:
(Not the Thank You Geoff bit)

Hi @GraemeM

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can. I can confirm that your feedback has definitely not been forgotten or lost, however I also can’t provide any specific guarantees or timelines on this. What I can promise, however, is we’ve made sure the product team has heard your feedback so they can consider this for future improvements.

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Great. Thank you for that. Good to know it’s not being ignored.

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Same here, my album browser is sometimes sticky, sometimes not. All devices are set on the same sort order. Following this post for a solution.