My android phone seen by other devices only when something is playing on it

I am using an LG V30 as an endpoint and I control it with an android tablet. The issue is that my phone is not seen if there is nothing playing on it. If I open the app in LG V30 nothing happens in the other devices. Perhaps it could be something related to energy saving settings of the phone?

Go into device settings in Roon on the LG for the LGand turn of the setting Private Zone. All mobile devices are set to private by default so they can only be controlled and seen locally.

I did it as soon as I installed the app. I have to check if this problem is due to the fact that I have active energy saving.

Not sure that would affect this side doesn’t on my phone.

Hello @Vale_Ricci,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry about the trouble :sweat:

I was wondering if @CrystalGipsy’s suggestions helped? Thanks @CrystalGipsy :pray: