My Artists and my artists only


New user - first time doing Roon.

So I am EXTREMELY PARTICULAR about the way I organize my collection - specially the classical part of it. I need complete control of what artists are displayed. I imported my library into Roon, after selecting in Library settings to “Prefer File” in everything that I could. However, when I go to my library I see that Roon still show some artists that I do not want displayed. I think Roon finds them somehow, given that I KNOW THEY ARE NOT in either Artists or Album Artists (which I duplicate for simplicity) - How can I get Roon to only scan for my tagged artists ONLY.

Example - my classical Artists always include ONLY the composer - yeah I know, it makes sense TO ME - performers are mentioned only in titles and other tags. I DON’T WANT the performers to show up in artists.

How can I achieve this?



Hi I think you are fighting a losing battle here, although you can get roon to prefer your metadata you can’t eliminate roon metadata, and why would you want to?
Composers are composers and should be listed as the composer, they are not the performer and should not be shown as the artist/performer. Maybe with your non roon system you needed to store composer in the (album) artist fields but with the flexible roon ui there really is no need to stick with this approach.

I see - I think I understand Roon’s way of looking at classical music - is all about tags AND granularity - you see, I am old school and have been listening to classical music since the vinyl days…

And the unit for me is THE ALBUM - therefore, I am not used to have a view my collection of anything other than albums. So my hierarchy goes:

GENRE (Classical) → Composer → Album

Performers are not a factor - > Sounds familiar? that means you are also old(ish) and from Los Angeles! :smiley: - that is the Tower Records Classical Annex way of organizing - Albums are organized by composer OF THE MAIN WORK. So let’s say if an album has the Mozart Requiem, paired with, let’s say a Haydn early symphony, the album would be filed under Mozart, Requiem being the main, major work, because they were never filed duplicated - that is, they did NOT split it, filling a couple under Mozart and a couple under Haydn. Performers and the such? Those are just part of the data about the album, unless, is a performers album, then, they are filled differently. Won’t go into that as to not confuse my main point.


I want to keep it as a collection of albums of composers.

Genre (Classical) → Artists (ONLY COMPOSERS) → Albums assigned to composer as per the MAIN work.

Hence my desire to have Roon honor my tagging since it accomplishes that - the thing is that Roon is too clever and useful about it, but, I don’t want it to be! :smiley:

It’s finding the performers and adding them as artists, which to me is maddening… Just too many and is not how I view my collection - however wrong, my tagging reflects my view and it would be fantastic if it could be honored…

So yes, Roon in its helpfulness is giving me stuff I am not used to using - right now it feels like I do not want what Roon is giving me on the library management side - loving the technology side, don’t get me wrong! - I am now able to use a single core to feed my main rig or my desktop-while-I-am-working-from-home rig, without duplicating storage or additional apps, etc - THAT is very cool.