My audio interface does not work with Roon

Roon Core Machine

Apple M1 Mac Mini 16GB ram

Connected Audio Devices

Tascam Series 208i

Description of Issue

When I use the system output everything works fine but I am not taking full advantage of Roon this way as far as I understand. When I select my interface as output I cannot hear any audio and the application starts being not responsive I have to restart the machine to recover from it because my audio interface becomes unusable after that.

Any ideas to tackle with this issue?

Have you tried exclusive mode for the zone in Roon? Also check the bitrate in Roon.
Are all the drivers and firmware updated if needed on the Tascam?

I do not have one of these so that’s all I can think of for now.

Hey @Algun_Akgunduz,

It’s great to see you on the Roon Community! You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

Following up on this thread did @bearFNF’s reply help? If not, please take note of the date and time the next time you run into this issue, and share it here.

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :pray:

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