My backup shows in "folder properties" 10x more memory than my actual music collection [Solved]

Hello. I am using Roon along with my Squeezebox. My personal music collection is about 1.2 gb stored on an external hard drive. (160,000 mps tracks) I did a Roon backup onto another external hard drive, and when I checked the “folder” properties I got a value of 10.5 Gb??! The drive is only 4 Gb. why are the properties so “wrong”? Before I did the backup, I read that the memory used was only 15mb or so. Why would windows 7 be so “wrong” in the folder properties report?

4gb drive, could that be 4Tb?

Roon backup only backs up the database. It doesn’t back up your music files.

Could you double check you’re not misreading Mb/Gb/Tb?


Wow, what an ignorant first post from myself! Yes it’s a 4tb drive not 4gb. Guess i was thinking back to the first computer i ever owned. I can’t believe I misread the Mb/Gb/Tb.

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I wouldn’t worry. I suspect we’ve all done it, and you wont be the last…

More importantly - are you now happy/clear what Roon is backing up and how much space it’s taking up?

Yes. I understand what is backed up now, and appreciate your responses. It is interesting looking into the folders, how many were created. But I see that they are indeed taking very minimal storage up.
Thank you again.