My Christmas list

Dear Santa Claus,

As I am already blessed with a lot, I will limit this year letter to my top 5 wishes for the future of Roon:

  1. Properly manage large boxset with boxset information and individual disks info including artwork if existing for each disk

  2. Enlarge metadata sources including rich source like Discogs and give us the ability to improve data as no source is flawless (how many different entries for the same recording, especially for opera). For opera, adding the role played by each singer beside their voice type (tenor, …) would be a real plus.

  3. Improve management of composition with online check if not present on files metadata as I would like to avoid tagging each classical/opera album I get and rely on Roon instead.

  4. Allow me to access my database online, not to listen to it on the go as I’d rather stick to Spotify/Deezer… when listening to music on my iPad in my hotel room rather than streaming 24/94 or more from my home which for me would be useless. No, objective here is only to know what I have and maybe do some edit if possible.

  5. Integrate a beautiful pdf reader like or into Roon so I don’t need to go out when reading a disk booklet so I can have a flawless experience true to what I understood Roon is aiming as user experience.

You see, that sounds manageable. By the way, please bring all the joy of the world to the team behind Roon as they came with the best audio player ever which gave me back the invaluable pleasure of enjoying my music and learning so much and discovering so much at the same time.

In advance, thank you for those presents which of course don’t necessarily need to come for this Christmas…