My core computer crashed

Hi. My Dell windows 10 computer crashed. I was using it as my core. I am going to purchase a new Apple Mac mini. Since I had the core on the Dell and can’t remove it, will I be able to use Roon core on the Mac mini since I can have only one core?

I think once you download Roon onto the new machine and launch it, you will be asked to authorise the new Core instead of the old one. It should be that simple I believe. Hopefully, you can restore from a backup that wasn’t on the old machine?

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Ok. Thanks. I don’t have a backup. I have Qobuz and about 20 of my own cds. So it won’t be hard.

Hey @Jeffrey_Mehr1, you shouldn’t have any issues transferring over to the new core. As specified here, you won’t have any issues remotely deactivating the old core. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Ok. GREAT! Thanks so much!

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