My core device is not in the same LAN as the remote device and outputs device,how to play?

I have two residences, built a core device in A residence and associated library, access to A LAN, and output device is in B residence, remote device is connected to B LAN, how can I achieve connection play? Thanks.

Can’t. All associated devices have to be on the same subnet.

ok, thank you

You can create a second core and transfer licences.

How hard is it to switch between cores?

It is quite trivial, it will ask you if you want to de-authorise your last core. You agree and the new one takes over.

Of course, this and @Henry_McLeod’s reply depend on where your music files are located in relation to your new Core.

Thank you.
So every time I go to a different location, I need to perform a core switch before playing?

It seems that even if you can switch the core, the hard disk where I store the music files is in one of the locations, and I can’t share the music library in another location, right?

That is right. A copy on a portable disk would solve that.

Also, you may want to do backup/restores if you want to preserve any changes from one system to the other, i.e. tags, playlists, etc.

Switching Core is the least of it.

If you have fast enough internet connections at both ends, you could look at combining the networks with a L2 layer VPN connection.

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