My Device is Making Pulsing Noise [Solved]

Hello. I’m using Macbook pro 2016 w/ touch bar for my roon player.
However, for some songs - for example, ‘Take on me(2015 remastered version)’ - there is some pulsing noise.
I observe why this happens, but get no idea.
Sometimes just some drum sound crash as noise.
Sometimes Roon make large dddddd sound and stop with ‘no device found’.
That large sound didn’t disappear with stopping music.
I try to turn on/off DSP Engine and Private Zone, but it did not work. other settings are same as initialized value. Plz help. thx

My Normal in/out seems like this.

Before getting Support to help out, here’s something for you to try.

We want to get rid of the OS Mixer as your output (as seen in your screenshot). First, go into Settings > Audio and Enable Built-In Output. See here:

Then we want to go into Device Setup (it may already be showing when you Enable Built-In Output), or click on the gears icon next to the Output and select Device setup. Under the Playback Tab, select Exclusive Mode, like I did here:

Save your settings and be sure to change your Zone by clicking on the Zone Picker at the bottom right of the screen, next to the speaker icon.

Try that and see if it helps.

Cheers, Greg

Wow It solved! I think the problem was using system output instead of Built-in output! thx

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