My downloaded Tidal Albums not in library


Only a handful of the tidal albums that I have downloaded show up in my library.

Can anyone tell me why the majority of them don’t show up?



Hi George,

What do you mean by downloaded Tidal Albums? Roon will import Tidal favourites. They can be seen in the Tidal app under My Collection.

Cheers, Greg

Tidal allows you to download whatever you want to your local device. That way you can play without an internet connection. These are not showing up in my Roon library.

DRM protected, “rented” files are incompatible with Roon. To play them, you must use the app that downloaded them – and maintain your streaming subscription.


They are the same Licensed files that you stream and they only play as long as your subscription is current.

I guess I’ll just find them all and mark as favorites.

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Yes, that’s what you have to do. When you mark an album as a favorite in the Tidal app it will show up in your Roon library. Also, when you add a Tidal album to your library in Roon it will show up as a Tidal favorite.

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