My experience of becoming a Roon Ready partner

Finally, our Dutch & Dutch 8c has become Roon Ready!

I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to Roon. I’ve come to know the people behind the company as true visionaries who are constantly pushing to make things better. When you speak with them, you’re immediately struck by their passion for both music and gear. They’ve established for themselves a unique position in the audiophile world. It’s inspiring to work with them, and I learn something with every interaction.

When Dutch & Dutch started the Roon Ready development project years ago, for a little while it looked like the 8c was going to be the first Roon Ready integrated audio system. You probably know how that went. But the Roon team remained supportive throughout the whole period, and they continued to believe Dutch & Dutch could overcome the mounting obstacles on our path.

At the same time, they held us to very high standards. They kept pushing us to be better. This frustratingly resulted in further delays, but looking back on it all, I can only conclude that the 8c wouldn’t have been what it is today if they hadn’t been so strict with respect to their Roon Ready specifications. But besides that, they also kept urging us to improve the User Experience, with feedback on everything from our marketing materials to the new Ascend app.

Roon and Dutch & Dutch share a dedication to providing the best possible experiences to music lovers and audiophiles. The guys at Roon know all the brands, they have hands-on experience with all the gear, they have the datasets to know more about how serious music lovers and audiophiles consume music than anybody else. I’m incredibly proud that they’ve chosen the Dutch & Dutch 8c as one of the first few products in their new Roon Store 2.0.

Although I believe there will always be a place for those brick-and-mortar stores that continue to make an effort to add value for the customer, in this modern world many stores will continue to struggle to stay relevant. Online stores evidently have their own problems. I believe that Roon has the vision, the team, the experience, and the unique position in the audiophile world to do online sales right, combining the best of both worlds with Roon Store 2.0.

Roon team, thank you for the support, and best of luck with the new Roon Store 2.0!