My Experience with Fiber Ethernet

Well depending on your system different switches can make a difference. And that was 4 years ago, quite a few things changed in that fast paced time.

Than please @Markus_Hubner - Have look at this video

You mean there will be an oscilloscope behind him as he talks? :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re kidding, aren’t you?

Very easy to say: just have a look at 15:09 on in the video. They just focus on the bit-perfect /TCP-IP criteria, leaving out noise etc. which definitely has an impact which @Magnus also pointed out here a few times.

Different domain, different solutions, solved in other areas, but not when it comes to audio…
It is time to marked a dac with a streamer that takes SFP/fiber, then there is no UTP involved, everybody happy.
Damn i forgot to get that idea patented, oh well…
Send me one as thank you :slight_smile:

But even with optical input (doesn’t Toslink S/PDIF already give you that?) what about the other electrically conductive connections? Power supply – better use batteries and a really short cable. Outputs – this is where those fancy interconnects with arrows on them so the electrons know which direction to flow in, come in.

Wouldn’t a DAC with optical outputs provide better isolation? After all, optical fiber can carry an analog signal as well as a digital one.

Somewhat ironically for the noise isolationists in this thread, fiber optic isolation in this case begets its own fully audible noise but which Michael Fremer assures is a nonissue.


Well, that’s a relief. :rofl:

Click through to JA’s measurements page - makes interesting reading.

Especially the last para.

Well that’s me reassured :joy::rofl:

Fremer’s a heart before head person, not sure which he’s in shorter supply of…

What PSU are you using with optical convertor near streamer?

I am very convinced the thinness of sound is not due to optical isolation, but rather some side-effect specific to your setup.
I have experience with super cheap 100mpbs TPinks optical transceivers , powered by basic LPS and then also EtherRegen powered by Farad3. The bass was never an issue in any case and actually with Farad3 it goes deeper with more power , so I assume the LPS powering converter near streamer is quite important.

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It’s not lacking bass and the thinness is quite subtle. But I experienced the same back when I was using batteries (now I am using a Keces P3). I think it’s simply because you get a cleaner sound (less distortion) which will make the sound thinner.

You can compare to tubes, which are thick and warm, and full of distortion :slight_smile:

I changed my setup (SFP + cable) from multimode to single mode and did an upgrade in SFP. A good decision.


Nice! Now imagine going for a OpticalModule Deluxe V2 with a decent power supply to get it one more level up again.

@Markus_Hubner No :slight_smile: I can’t use the SFP that I want and it is multimode not single mode. But I am thinking about a decent power supply. Right now a am looking at Farad Super3 and SOtM sPS-500. The last one is more flexibel (multiple/adjustable output voltages).

I just meant changing the fiber media converter - you already got a great setup. I‘d go performance wise for the Super3 with Level2 cable.

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I know - I can’t use the same FMC that you have. It don’t support the SFP’s that I want to use and it is multimode, not single mode.

This is what’s confusing to a lot of folks. That is just how fiber is but you have to follow this thought.

When a reference is made about Cat 5,6,7 or what ever it seems simpler to understand.


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