My Experience with Fiber Ethernet

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I would not care less who flagged me, just wanted to have a bit of fun if Germany would be out :slight_smile:, seems like a possibility.


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There is a world cup lounge thread

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@Graeme_Finlayson I agree that System Optique is a load of hooey. Anything selling self-certification stinks (MQA comes to mind).

I have zero technical knowledge, but put in fibre after reading this blog entry in 2015:

Andrew had been audio editor of Gramophone for close to 30 years and is eminently sensible.

It was an absolute piece of cake, I initially bought a used Cisco unit for £50 (as he suggested), now have a Netgear one that cost £100. One fibre feed to my audio, the other to my AV.

To power the media converter, I bought a used SoTM battery unit for £180.

I’ve only just had to replace the batteries, I bought 2 sets direct from SoTM and they will last me many years.

@Torben_Rick My set-up is very similar to yours, I have the SoTM battery to the converter and my Roon Core is on a QNAP connected directly to my Netgear GS110TP switch. The server and switch are powered from a CyberPower UPS.

Switch £110, M/C £25, 2 x £15 SFP, £30 cable, £180 SoTM, a couple of BJ ethernet cables, that’s about £400, roughly $500 for the whole shooting match and it’s been there 7 years.


Well, it all seems to be working nicely now. I spent a couple of hours tinkering with it last night. A few reboots, a couple of power cycles, swapping the WAN interfaces around on the port settings on the UDM and manually setting MSS clamping at 1452. I tried the MSS clamping setting last week and it didn’t work (couldn’t download the device info to see if the setting had been applied).

It’s all there now though (MTU at 1492) and everything is tickety-boo.


Good news and glad to hear that
They are a very nice EDGE router device, just some strange decisions around NAT and WAN ports that can make them hard to get going with.


Indeed. Though compared to the cost of an equivalent Cisco router that does the same job, I’ll happily do a little more legwork, and buy a car with the money saved! :rofl: