My first-ever signal path and question :)

So this is the first-ever signal path I am showing here (from Dream Theater’s Awake) - so far so good with my Roon setup.

My question: what does “enhanced” mean in this situation where I am using the EarMen Sparrow as MQA renderer? Isn’t it lossless?

Enhanced is lossless, yes.

No it isn’t lossless as in bit for bit perfect. Roon marks MQA as enhanced because the format is inherently not lossless.

I was under the impression that it’s still lossless, but I fully accept that I was mistaken!

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Tks - and I don’t seem to be able to play from my iPad despite having configured it as an audio output (though it’s not seen when I open the list of audio outputs) - is this a 1.8 bug?