My first week with Roon - the good and the bad!

Hi all,

My first post here!

It’s been a week so far on the Roon Trial and I’m loving the harmony it creates throughout the home for music listening. I have two main listening stations, plus a Roon ROCK NUC as core.

  1. Roon ROCK NUC
  • 7th gen i5 with 16gb RAM
  • Connected via ethernet directly to my ASUS AC5300 router
  1. Primary Listening Station
  • Roon Bridge
  • Mac Mini (2010 model - old, I know!)
  • Topping D90 MQA connected to the Mac Mini via USB. Output via RCA from Topping to my Yamaha RX-A2080 AVR → Power Amp → Tower Speakers. (The Topping has outstanding sound quality by the way)
  1. Secondary Listening Station
  • Raspberry Pi 4b with Ropieee, 4gb RAM
  • Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital connected to the RPi via USB

My experience so far:

  • I’m running upsampling for non-MQA tracks to DSD512 and so far, my processing speeds (on average) are about 1.5x - 1.9x. Cutting it close, I know, but it’s getting the job and after 36 hours of listening to music, I’ve yet to encounter any hiccups. Is there anything I can do from the BIOS front to enable “turbo” on the Intel CPU? I want to make sure I don’t over-throttle my system by running DSD512.
  • I do get the “lost connection to the core” dialog/window when using the Roon Remote app on my Android (Samsung S10+). I don’t mind the dialog per se, but when the dialog disappears, the playlist I was navigating starts from the top again. I find this particularly annoying.
  • I love the integration of all my listening stations, upsampling capabilities of each and controlling everything from multiple devices running Roon Remote.
  • I’m an ex-Audirvana user and I’ve had a baggage of issues during those times. I’m happy to say I haven’t replicated any of those issues.

Just thought it’d be nice to share my experiences with everyone as we all embark on a “purely musical” journey to keep our souls happy.

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Welcome to Roon ,MRJ!
Sounds so far like it’s a positive experience overall.
I hope it continues that way and you move from trial to a membership.
Enjoy the music!