My Generation (50th Anniversary / Super Deluxe) - SORTED

I found it on Tidal but Roon doesn’t have this release in the database



Is it a very recent release? If so you may have to wait a short while for the databases to match up.

Is this it.

Just found it in Roon

If you favourite it in Tidal does it not get added to your Roon automatically?

I did an artist search then Tidal Albums then added from there. The last disc says Unavailable

Sorry I meant to the OP if he found it on Tidal and favorited it would it not then appear in his Roon account?

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Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I found it in Roon but the metadata are very scarce compared to the other versions that are also available on Tidal. Also if you try to identify the album in roon you will notice that this particular edition is missing from the list of releases available in Roon.
BTW I have noticed that sometime you can find an album on Tidal with very basic metadata and symlink and then identify it in Roon and get a lot more metadata.

And like magic, today I found the proper version in the database and I was able to re-identify the Tidal album and get all the titles updated with the proper version (stereo or mono), the lyrics, the picks and the album review.
Probably was the fact I just bought on line the vinyl version of the mono and the stereo re-ediion :wink:


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I ripped all 5 CDs and Roon found them, but won’t bundle them together. They show up as 5 different entries, all with the same title and album data. It got all the metadata (stereo v. mono) of each CD.

How can i get them all together into 1 group?

Hi Mike,

Right click (or long press) all 5 albums and then click Edit at the top right if the screen. Then select Merge Albums.

More info here.

Cheers, Greg

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Hi Mike,

I found that the full metadata for the 5 cd sets are under “The Who sing my generation” I selected that when indentifying the album and then I changed the title.
Hope it helps

Sweet! That worked great! Thanks so much!

Sad the DR is only 3 :frowning: Oh well.