My genres - not what you find

On trial period. How can I get Roon to use my genres - that is the ones I tagged the files with instead of whatever you find quite -frankly, I cannot use them - Daniel Barenboim Latin? nope. Is there a way I can get roon to use my tags?

You can’t at the moment. They are working on being able to edit metadata for a future release.

Thanks - appreciate the help. That said - this is not about editing metadata - the tags are already so it would be more like metadata read/override. From your reply, it looks I am splitting hairs, correct? still a no go. from what I can tell…

thnx again

I don’t know for sure but I think you will be able to set it up to use the Roon database or the metadata in your files for Artist, Album, track name, Genre and maybe some other fields. These features I believe they are working on now and could possibly be released fairly soon, maybe? I think I’ve think I got it right, but not 100% positive.

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Our next release will have two global display settings: show/hide Roon genres, and show/hide tag genres.

You’ll also be able to edit albums to pick and choose among the genres in the tags, the genres Roon has found, and any custom genres you want to add.


Is the capability to use your own tags already out?



Yes…for several months now.


Well - the monthly plan was enough for me to try again! Amazingly, while checking that the tags were handled that way I like it, I saw:

From above:

" Don’t like that Daniel Barenboim is tagged as “Latin”? By all means, remove it."

HAHA - feel like this has been my contribution! :smiley:

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But to be fair - that was infuriating - Daniel Barenboim is Argentinian, yes, but he is a conductor of classical music - AT THE TIME ( NOT ANYMORE!) I saw the incongruity of tagging/classifying A BRUCKNER symphony as a “Latin”, just because the conductor is Argentinian as maddening and yes, a deal breaking library management problem, specially because AT THAT TIME I couldn’t change it - ha - that upset me enough to stop that first Roon trial all those years ago - 5 ! time flies…


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