My install went fine, but I can't find anything

Core Machine
Windows 10, 32 G of RAM, One TB CL Drive SSD, 2TB Drive (Empty)
Music files are on Synology NAS Z:\ (Roots Music)

Network Details

Gag network, PEPlINK ROUTER

Audio Devices
Scarlett Solo USB

Library Size
Library is 20K CDs ripped into FLAC files with tags. CD are stored in alpha subbfolders.

Description of Issue
I cant find where the Roon index is so I can back it up. Or the Roon program. Can’t find on NAS or 2TB drive.

My use is different than most. I am not building a home system with all kind of players. I am, using Roon to manage my large library. And using metadata to find relationships between songs, artists and authors for my radio show. For example it is a problem how the system is always building play lists and I am just trying to preview tracks.

If I am understanding correctly, you installed Roon on the Windows 10 machine and you are looking for where the install is, so you can back it up? If so the install “should” be here: C:\Users"insert user name"\AppData\Local\Roon

Let me know if I got the question right… :slight_smile:

If you are wanting to backup the Roon Database, you would be well advised to use Roon’s built-in Backup facility. See here:

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Thank you. It is all where you and the DOC say. I was having trouble getting to it.

Thank you.

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