My iOS app cannot see my core

Roon Core Machine. Nucleus plus

. iOS phone and different iPads

My Roon quit connecting months ago and I gave up trying. I spent over $3000 on this and a lifetime subscriptions. I am trying again. I have reloaded iOS app. Nothing can see the core. Never connects. I am using a ethnet connection to the Roon. I have read multiple suggestions on web pages. Nothing is working. Techs at store I bot it from says it needs a major software upgrade. Told me to connect tv to HDMI and keyboard to usb. Tv says it sees intel-nuc on HDMI but no signal. It is like the box is not communicating at all and not trying to see anything. What do I do? Can you call?

When I connect and disconnect from the network, I cannot see a new MAC address and IP address get assigned. I have switched lines and wall plugs to prove the network is good. The lights are flashing on Roon. Could there be a bad network card?

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Hi @Greg_Valdez ,

Not seeing anything via the HDMI output typically indicates a Nucleus hardware issue. Did you purchase this Nucleus from an authorized Roon dealer?

I suggest returning the unit to the dealer and then they can reach out via our Dealer channel and we’ll work with them to do some hardware troubleshooting and/or RMA the unit (if purchased less than 2 years ago).

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