My IPad Air 1 doesn't change if I make changes on my computer and vice verse!

Hi, if I transfer to a different sound source, on my iPad. It doesn’t change on my computer! If I do the change on my computer, it doesn’t change on my iPad! So if stand or show one thing on my computer and another on my ipad? If I do changes on my iPad to search for new albums from my computer or NAS server and want it to search fast, well I stand so on my iPad but not on my computer. I can say that everything that can be set on YES or NO doesn’t are the same on my iPad and computer! I have no problem with chose a album or playlist or play/pause. No problem with TIDAL! But settings don’t sync between my computer and my remote control the iPad! Anyone who have or has the same problem and have a solution to it? Okay I can live with it, but I like when everything works as it shall. Thanks for me and thanks to Roon for a Great/Fantastic program.

Hi Anders,

Remotes are independent from the Core and each other. Multiple users can browse from different Remotes simultaneously and send audio to different zones, or take turns sending it to the same zone.

What you are seeing is working as intended. A Remote is not intended simply to mirror the Core, but is it’s own independent Control.

Thanks I understand, but at the same time does it mean that my iPad isn’t a real remote control! So the settings don’t have to be on the remote source! Because they doesn’t work or? So it’s a little bit of waisted time for the guys who’s doing it, a lot of programming that they could spending time on better things that make a difference :confused:


RoonRemote is not a remote control in that sense, it’s called remote because it is remote from the RoonCore.

It is not a waste of time at all, it allows people choice to use a device that they are comfortable with … be that a PC, Mac, iPad or Android tablet (and more options coming soon).

In my case I have RoonCore running in my home office on a PC, however in my sitting room / music room I use an iPad.

With Roon there is just one RoonCore running on a system all the other UI’s are referred to as RoonRemotes and each remote is it’s own independent entity.

Certain Roon setting / functions are global whilst others, as appropriate, are set on a zone by zone or remote by remote basis.

Hope that helps to explain Roon’s topology.

Hi Carl and Roon :+1:.
Yeah I got it now, well I get it before as well :wink:.
I just wanted to check it, so I hadn’t done anything wrong when I installed Roon! But it’s so easy to install so it shall not be able to make any mistakes, but it’s better to check out, because even if it easy to install it can happen somethings because the are only humans :pray:.

Thanks Roon, for making my life so much better by playing and listen to music :pray: . Also thanks for the community site here, it’s nice to ask questions about anything with Roon and how easy, mistakes, we have done under the installation or something we don’t understand! Like now mine :smile:, it’s nice and understanding answers :+1:. No stupid or what I’m stupid for not understanding, I myself was the only that was stupid bye saying that the remote device didn’t needed some things and for that I’m humbly sorry :pray: All the best Anders

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