My iTunes Watched Folder does not detect the songs

I read through the FAQ regarding this and through some related topics, too, and I just can’t find a solution.

My setup is:
MacMini late 2012, 16GB Memory
Mac OS Sierra
Roon v 1.2 Build 161 Stable Build 64 bit
iTunes XML in the default ‘Watched Folder’
Internal HD for PCM files
External G-Disk for DSD files

all PCM & DSD files are detected but the iTunes songs are not.



Hi @Edgar_Dapiton ------ Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. I appreciate you giving us the details of your setup and a brief description of the issue you are experiencing :clap: :thumbsup:

May I kindly ask you for the following information:

  1. Can you please provide me with screen shots of your “storage” tab, highlighting this issue.

  2. How big is your media collection based on the number of tracks? How many have been imported already and what is remaining?

  3. Secondly, can you confirm that the media that HAS BEEN imported into Roon already, is not the same media that is being used by iTunes as well?



These are the screenshots of my Roon Library (top 3 pix) and of my iTunes Library (4th, bottom).
None of those iTunes Albums had been imported into the Roon iTunes Library.

I have 534 Albums = 5306 Tracks in all LESS the iTunes Albums (which is about 71 all).

I followed the directions on how to test that the XML file is working, and it does.

I had noticed this problem even way-back OS El Capitan and I was hoping that the OS Sierra would somehow ‘solve’ this issue but it did not.

I hope you can help.


Hi @Edgar_Dapiton ----- Thank you for the follow up and the screen grabs, both are appreciated. I apologies for MY confusion, could you please clarify this comment to me:

“I have 534 Albums = 5306 Tracks in all LESS the iTunes Albums (which is about 71 all).”

Are you saying that Roon is missing 71 albums that iTunes is picking up? Are these 71 albums included in your total album count of 534?


I’m saying that Roon detected 534 Albums but did not detect my iTunes (~71) albums

in other words, although the iTunes XML is working (as tested following the directions here), it is not being detected by Roon, thus, albums do not appear in Roon. so, the only way for me to play them is via iTunes… kind of ‘ok’ but I’d prefer to have Roon play all my music files: it’s way ‘cooler’ :wink:


@Edgar_Dapiton ------ Thank you for clarifying that information for me, once again, my apologies for the confusion.

  1. Have you tried adding the the media that is being seen by iTunes as another WATCH FOLDER instead of using the the add iTUNES LIBRARY feature?

  2. Can you give me some feedback as to what type of files make up the (~71) albums in itunes?

We have some documented reasons why files may not show up in roon.


(1) Yes I did but didn’t work; and
(2) These are m4p files - not in your list of accepted or recognized files

But why would Roon provide this feature for iTunes when the m4p file format is ‘not’ recognized anyway?


@Edgar_Dapiton ---- If you want the m4p files to import into Roon, you’ll need to convert them to a format Roon supports. Thanks for the question and sorry for the trouble.


The music files are in AAC-format

I’ve “reset” my iTunes library; redownloaded my Apple Music Files, but it still does not work in the Roon.
Again I tested the XML and it is working.

Why aren’t these AAC files not being detected?

Has anybody actually been successful with iTunes Library in Roon?
Why? What’s the secret?

I did not want to use iTunes even before, but now I am forced to do so.
Amarra integrates with iTunes (vv) & I did not like it, though I bought Amarra; I liked Roon much better than my Amarra or JRiver or Audirvana. I actually uninstalled all these ‘other’ players (except iTunes) and solely use Roon - until now.

is there any easy or elegant solution rather than "conversion’?
(but AAC is a Roon-recognized file, isn’t it?)

These particular AAC files have Apple’s copy-protection (DRM) embedded and aren’t playable outside of iTunes or on an iDevice. The m4p file format (AAC with DRM) was used by Apple for iTunes downloads into the early 2010s. My understanding is that there are converters out there which will turn them into m4a files (regular AAC with no copy protection) but I have no experience with any of them.

This isn’t a limitation of Roon at all. By design these files are only supposed to be readable by iTunes.

hmm, thanks Andrew.

I’m new to this iTunes-stuffs really because I did not want to use it since I migrated from Windows to Mac some 2 years ago; now, when I started to ‘bring’ my music with me via iDevices, i thought go getting Apple Music & then, iTunes Match (a week ago)… I must say, I am still ‘feeling’ my way through iTunes, Apple Music, & iTunes Match.

Now I’m catching up through my readings via iMore and slowly understanding want these 2 subscriptions are… slowly understanding (I’m still confused, honestly).

I suspected Roon ‘isn’t to blame’ but I have no validation: but thanks for your note.

If there really is a need for me to ‘manually’ convert these iTunes albums to be playable in Roon, then I won’t (i.e. I’ll just play them in iTunes until an ‘easier solution’ becomes available).

Oh, upon reading, I keep seeing these ‘DRM-free’ terms, which I think Apple Music is offering… I must read more to really grasp this ‘new things’ for me.

LPs are easier :smirk:


@Eric : I don’t know what happened - but my iTunes Library is now being ‘recognized’ by Roon and my Apple Music files are now playing in Roon! :blush:

As far as I can remember, all I Did in the last few days was do a clean install of my iMac to macOS Sierra, allowing complete redownload of my Apple Music: and viola! I checked Roon and all my iTunes Music are downloaded and playing.

I hope some of you who were having problems like me before would find this experience helpful.


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