My least liked feature in Roon

Before getting to listen to Music, Roon all too often blocks the experience with the annoying problem that the core does not connect. Definitely a killjoy! For me, it means that I have to work down my routine list of steps- restarting the core, rebooting the Mac, rebooting it again if that has failed and finally delete and re-install the remote. A nuisance and probably one of the most frequently reported problem in the forum- a problem yet, that has not received attention for any of the frequent updates and upgrades. So a feature of Roon that is there to stay?

That is not a feature, it’s a problem with your system.


I agree. @Butz, I suggest you open a thread in the #support category.

I’m going to become a Linux evangelist. I had some similar or related issues and a Roon core on Linux solved many of them. Still having some issues related to artist image display but I think that is a true bug. All of the reliability, reboot, reinstall stuff went away with Linux. Try it!


Why would it then work at some times and not at others?

Done that already, repeatedly. No help

Your most recent Support request was marked as solved (your post), which is why no further replies were posted. If this was done in error, please let me know, and I can open the thread. The next Support request was 18 months ago.

I use Roon in two countries in homes with totally different networks and have not once had this problem in six years. It’s your network.

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The issue is old and unsolved.

Either take Martin up on his suggestion regarding re-opening your previous support request, or post a new one. Either way, it would be worth adding the info requested when you first create a support topic, i.e.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

The problems you’ve described sound very much like a networking issue, but in the absence of specific details regarding your system it’s difficult to offer any advice.

I feel like its mostly your network. It’s hard to predict when these problems happen - they are very timing dependent. What does your network look like?

As a means of troubleshooting: Check your Mac’s power settings and be sure the Mac, the hard drives, and the display are not sleeping and see if this resolves the issue.

But I also suspect it’s a network problem.

Roon Core on Mac Mini 2018/ 8GB RAM, Lan to Fritz Cable Box as in screenshot.

Sorry, saw your post too late, after I have answered already, in part, to hacker 19.
Additional specifications: Audio Device is Matrix mini-3 pro, 2500 tracks in library.
Hope that helps

This might help:

It might also be worth searching the forum for any other relevant posts. To find the above I googled “Fritz Cable Box roon problems uh oh somethings not right”. There may well be other threads that could help.

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It’s actually mentioned in the Networking Best Practices article as well:


The FRITZ OS 7 update includes a feature called “Software Packet Acceleration” that can cause issues with remote connectivity. We recommend disabling this setting from the FRITZ GUI.


By the way, I’m assuming, when you say LAN, that you mean your core is wired to your network rather than connecting by wifi?

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Good point. Packet accelleration is activated by default, have just deactivated it and will observe. Thank you for the suggestion.

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Lan, not WIFI

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Fingers crossed.