My Library doesn’t show currently viewed album

The ‘My Library’ section doesn’t include the currently viewed album, which I find confusing, in an OCD kind of way. It also means it’s difficult to see where the current album fits in the artist’s time line. Can ‘My Library’ Show the entire collection from the selected artist?

Isn’t that the discography page?

It may be crystal clear to others, but I’m not understanding what you are asking for here.

By “currently viewed album”, do you mean the “now playing” album? Because that is not always an album from your library - it may be a Tidal or Qobuz album that has not been added to your library…

Also, isn’t the Discography listing for a selected artist the equivalent of the “entire collection”?

Thanks Geoff, yeah, difficult to explain, and I didn’t do it very well….

Try again… listening to Brater Lauter…

Scroll down, to find “My Library”… no Brater Layter. Mmm, but I’m listening to it.

So I don’t know where Brater Layter is in the time time, and it’s definitely in “My Library”, but not showing in this section.

Click on another album so it’s shown in the top part of the screen (not necessarily playing), and it doesn’t show in My Library anymore. Strange behaviour in my opinion, but the logic has been programmed that way, so someone thought it a good idea. I don’t, that’s my observation fwiw.

OK, now I understand what you are driving at. AFAIK, this is a deliberate design choice by Roon Labs - not showing your currently selected My Library album in the My Library section on the Album page. They consider it redundant and tautological…

You might want to move this thread into the Feature Request category to see if others feel the same way…