My library seems have forgotten many of my favorite saved albums

Core on Sonic Transporter, streaming to a microrendu via a Schiit Eitr.
At first I thought “it must be me” …but now it’s obvious that some great albums that I’ve saved to my library seem to be disappearing. Can this really be how Roon works? It’s annoying having to refind and re-save them.

That is not a normal behavior for Roon. Their philosophy is that Roon does not modify your source material, and to that end, even makes it somewhat difficult to delete material.
Do you have a couple specific examples you could post, preferably with a screen shot?
How are your data being stored?

Are you referring to physical media or a streaming service? If it is the latter, then there are occasions when a particular release is removed and possibly replaced by an alternative.

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Hi @Jeremy_Jones,

Can you elaborate a bit on the behavior you’re seeing here?

Are these albums from your local library or are they from TIDAL or Qobuz?

Are they appearing in Roon at all, or are they just not marked as a Favorite (heart icon)?

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