My library /tracks are filled with the whole albums. I want THAT selected track only

How do I add one single track to TRACKS? How do I avoid that the whole album is added there? How do I remove all those unwanted tracks from TRACKS without deleting them in Tidal?

I get the warning xxxx tracks will be removed from your tidal library, but that is not what I want, i just want to clean up this mess with all tracks of an album added to TRACKS as I really only want to add a singular track.

And why is Roon “threatening” to delete from tidal when this TRACKS list (most regrettably) is not the same as TRACKS in Tidal?

And finally, how do I see in ROON the TIDAL/TRACKS list. This is what I want. And I also want to add a track to that TIDAL/TRACKS list, not to ROON/MYLIBRARY/TRACKS. Is this impossible?

Thanks for any explanations!

From What’s the difference between albums in my library and albums outside of my library?: