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Hi, in Qobuz I have hundreds of single tracks that I have favourited. I’m now using Roon with Qobuz integration which is the source of all of my music.

When I view favourite tracks in Roon, however, it is also showing all tracks that belong to the albums that I have favourited also, leaving me with thousands of tracks that I have to search through.

Is there a way of stopping it this behaviour?

Many thanks, Carl

Trying to make sure I completely understand your question.

What exactly do you mean with viewing favourite tracks in Roon? Have you ‘hearted’ them in Roon, or are these the individual tracks you have hearted in Qobuz, which are then added to your Roon library automatically?

Same question for Albums you have favorized, is this in Roon or in Qobuz?


Thanks for the response Dirk.

I have marked a number of tracks and albums as favourites (hearted) in Qobuz. When I use the Qobuz interface I can see my favourite tracks in a single list, and my favourite albums in a separate list.

The way that Roon imports them, however, if I go to my favourite tracks in Roon, I also see all of the tracks from the albums that are in my favourite qobuz albums. There is a workaround, I can move my favourite tracks in Qobuz to a playlist, but if there’s a way to change this default behaviour of Roon, it would be much easier/better :slightly_smiling_face:

Regards, Carl

Go to my albums, focus

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Hi Carl

In Roon Track browser, there is no way to achieve this.

Maybe not at all-relevant for you, but maybe interesting anyway:

In Album browser, there is a way (albeit not for 100%) to only show the albums with track favourites.

Is is very important to understand that Qobuz present ‘Singles’ as Releases (i.e. Albums), so these do not show in favourite tracks.

As these are Qobuz favorites they are automatically added to your library, so the first thing to do is to Focus on Qobuz only.

Then you focus further on non-contiguous tracks - select Inspector- Contiguous tracks and click again to inverse.

You will now have a list of Albums with favourite tracks only. (In my (test)case the result is 1 album)
2 caveats:
a) a track favorized in a Single album will not be available as the Single album is not shown
b) if in an album you have favorized only continguous tracks (say track 2 & 3) , the album will not be shown. (if you would have favorized tracks 2,3 & 5 the album would appear)

there are ways to refine this a little bit more playing with a limitation on the number of tracks, but not much of a difference)


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Thank you very much for the replies, will give it a go tonight :grinning:

I think i’ve misunderstood your question. Dirk’s answer wil help you more.