"My Live Radio" [Poll]

This is a poll about My Live Radio introduced together with Live Radio in Roon 1.7.

Skimming trough the different threads that emerged after the release of Roon 1.7, I thought it might be a good idea to setup a poll about the different ideas I saw mentioned about the possible future of the My Live Radio section.

  • I always like discovering new music and only have a few presets. I don’t liket to navigate to another section to access them. Please integrate My Live Radio into Live Radio.
  • As it’s already called *My* Live Radio, it should go into the My Stuff section of the menu so any Roon profile can have its own presets.
  • Leave it the way it is, I’m happy with it.
  • I don’t want to use Live Radio, so I don’t care but it bothers me that things I don’t use waste space in the menu. I want an option to hide it.
  • Other (Please post a reply in this thread that describes your other idea.)

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As with any other feature request too, this feature request and especially the poll result should just show user wishes and not be an obligation that anything has to be implemented in a specific way or at all.

I replied other as i would like a combo of those ideas.
Yes to Num 1, i think the two could be combined.
Yes to the idea of customizing the main menu, both Hiding and moving at least somethings around.

This is another feature request then:

And your own:

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that was particularly good one! :grinning:

Voted other, because I see mileage in a combination of the options:

  • Yes to 1.
  • I use Live Radio, but also do care that menu items can be hidden/configured (on a per profile basis). Similar to @RobOK above