My m3u playlist is not working. Help

I followed the Roon instructions for exporting and importing m3u playlists. But not working.

Here is an example of a line in the m3u, and the actual path. My NAS is called TOWER.
m3u line: …/Little Feat/Sailin’ Shoes/1-05 Willin’.flac (edit: has only 2 leading dots, not 3)
actual file path: \TOWER\music\D - L\L\Little Feat\Little Feat - Sailin’ Shoes\5 Willin’.flac

I don’t know:

  • if / or \ makes a difference.
  • if “1-0” in the m3u line makes a problem. The Roon export must have created it.

I started with my core on my Desktop PC and music on a NAS (Unraid) at NAS\music\main.
Then I exported the playlist to m3u.
Then I moved my core from desktop to the NAS. For reasons, I let the core start from scratch without doing any restore.
Then I moved all my music (and the Roon storage location) from NAS//music/main to NAS//music, and let the library rebuild.
Then I put the m3u file into the watched folder, NAS//music, and followed the Roon instructions to import m3u. But it does not work.

Sounds like you did not use the exported music files but the original ones, so the result is somehow expected. You can use a text editor of your choice to correct the paths in your m3u files.

Note: Roon creates folder and file names for exported music. It also enriches (or overwrites) metadata in the files with it’s own.

Yes, the export did create copies of music files and put them into folders it created… So I guess roon can export a playlist that works for only that. And does not work for the folder structure that it used in the first place.
If it could create a playlist with the full path, that would be nice and much easier to edit.