My Mac Mini M1 is useless as core


After trying several times i have to conclude roon server/core on a mac mini m1 running latest macos is useless. After some time roon client on an ipad cannot fond the core anymore. I moved to an old macbook running Linux that never fails me.

So my advice do not buy a mac mini for roon !

Do other user share my experience ? I am not the smartest out there with computers so…

This will be down to powersaving options that you need to disable if running it as server. Mentioned many times if you care to search the forum. Lots of user using M1 with no issues. Also the iPads and iPhones private Wi-Fi address setting have a habit of confusing Roon so it disconnects from the core when it randomly changes the MAC address every hour. Turning it off generally makes it better.


Maybe your Mac mini was set to sleep or etc
It’s simple fix just in the settings I have jump from Mac mini late 2012 to Mac mini 2014 and it’s running without problems.


Thanks, but none of those suggestions worked for me …

My 2014 Mac Mini is perfect as a core. I recommend you hardwire the Mac mini to your router. That makes a tremendous difference here.


This is simply not true. If you want to be little more specific, we might be able to help, as something is clearly wrong with your setup. As suggested, a forum search would be a good place to start.


With zero details pretty difficult to give any advice. My MacBook Pro M1 working brilliantly as core via wireless even :hushed: so I’m betting it’s not a mini problem.

If op wants to get rid of the useless mini pm me and I’ll see to proper disposal……


I’ve been running Roon Server on a headless M1 Mac Mini for over a year, and it works great. I’d bet that a configuration fix would solve whatever problem you’re having. The usual ones are: make sure that it’s set not to go to sleep and that it’s connected via ethernet (as opposed to wifi). I don’t know whether it’s necessary–it was with the flaky 2012 mini I was using before–but I’ve found that setting the Mini to restart itself every day (at ~ 4am or something like that) keeps things working. Anyway, doesn’t hurt…


Been running my core on a 2012 mini since 2018. I set it to restart daily, flawless. Knock on wood, yada yada.

Maybe try it with a brand new database, just for the heck of it.

Other thoughts:

Set to never sleep
Turn off all other apps/extensions/processes, where possible
Connect via ethernet (not wifi)
Add an HDMI dongle, so it doesn’t keep looking for a monitor


Not only is the M1 Mac mini (running macOS Ventura 13.2) a fantastic Roon server, it is also able to run HQPlayer at the same time and does so with ease. I have been running this setup for almost a year now with zero problems. I had more problems with my Linux-based sonicTransporter units I owned previously.

Too many people have had great success with the M1 and now M2 Mac mini systems for them to be inherently or intrinsically flawed…

Edit: Also, I only restart my M1 Mac mini when I update the software…Roon, HQPlayer, or macOS. Otherwise it is continuously running 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Ok @Arno_Smit1 , let’s get your sleeves rolled up and get this thing sorted, it’s gonna be brilliant :+1:t2:


The iPad app sometimes loses its connection to the Core on my Mac mini M1 16 GB.
Its not the fault of the Mac mini.
You have to look at the iPad OS side of things. That’s where things go wrong :expressionless:.

Andrew, mine works fine connected by a cat 6 wire to my eero system.

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Hi Andrew,
sorry to read the M1 is not working for you. I have quite the opposite experience with my M1.

As with musicjunkie917 I run a MacMini M1 with Roon core and HQPlayer (and my Genelec GLM Software) and this works very reliable. Three endpoints, all RPi, connected by wire and MacMini connected by wire to router. I am running latest OS and does not have done any special tweaks to the system. I turn the system only on when I want to use it, otherwise it is turned off. As control I use two iPads and one iPhone. No monitor is connected, I use mostly VNC to connect from my iPad to the Mac. All just works fine.

Except, sometime Roon does not play to HQPlayer and I have to restart HQP and all is back running.


My Mac Mini M1 with Roon Core and HQPlayer runs beautifully as a headless unit in my lounge setup. I remote access either from my other Mac Mini in my home office or from my iPad if I need to add any new music to the attached SSD hard drives. Roon Core and HQPlayer reside in the Mac Mini internal SSD. Do a Google search for optimising your M1 Mac Mini for Roon and purely music playback. Please note the lounge Mac Mini is solely for Roon and HQPlayer and nothing else.

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Any server that has to be restarted every day is not really a server.

Why do people purchase mac minis to run roon, it does not make much sense?

I’d suggest seeking professional help.

I don’t have to restart my M1 Mac mini every day. I only restart it when there are macOS, Roon, or HQPlayer software updates.

Why did I purchase an M1 Mac mini? Because the computing power per dollar is impressive and it runs Roon Server and HQPlayer with difficult settings beautifully! I could not be happier!


Not sure what you mean by “not really a server”… What does a restart schedule have to do with what we define as a server? That said, I’m testing out a weekly restart, to see if I notice any negative effects.

Mini’s work great to run roon, as the majority of people here have noted. Your “does not make much sense” comment doesn’t make much sense, i might argue.

I say these things because I truly don’t understand your comments, not just to be contrary…

anyway, carry on!


My comment comes from a simple place, get a NUC and install dedicated custom made software by roon on it (Rock) With the added benefit of being cheaper.

A mini makes no sense. Unless you use it for other things, which is fair enough.