My MacBook Pro scans my entire library each time I open the Roon app-how can I fix this?

I have just starting trialling Roon and I am using my new 2021 M1 MacBook Pro as a Roon Core.
My music library on my QNAP NAS is large-210,000 tracks (16,000 albums).
Every time I open the Roon App on my MacBook Pro it starts to scan my entire library which is frustrating.
Is there any way to rectify this issue please?

Is the Macbook serving as both Roon Core and Roon Remote? In typical and recommended setups Core is on a separate machine. My Core runs 24/7. Only scans watched folder briefly when new tracks are added. My library is modest in comparrison, only 40,000 tracks.

Roon needs to identify and analyze each track of your personal files for the first time, in order to give you rich metadata and that animated timeline as well as dynamic range indication.
Once that’s done it will only look for metadata changes or newly added files on consecutive start ups.
But that first time analysis will take quite some time with your large library, so you should let it run, preferably around the clock and probably having the maximum amount of cores dedicated to the task to get it over with quickly.

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Hi Will, welcome to the forum, where fellow users try to help you out as best as possible, while support might take some time to fix you up.

Thanks for the responses-I will give it a try!

Run roon server 24/7 on the Mac and use roon when you need to control it. If you Shut the MacBook down tho you will need to start roon server again and back to scanning everything again

Not everything, I gather, just what’s not been scanned so far, but it’ll prolong the whole procedure…

Thanks for the further comments. I think that using my MacBook Pro as the Roon Core is not going to work. I am not going to be able to leave my MacBook Pro on 24/7 with the Roon app open and in view of that it looks like this issue will remain unresolved.
In view of that I am considering buying a Roon Nucleus Plus.
I have a further question about that even though it is a different topic.
If I buy a Nucleus Plus I would not be able to connect it directly to BOTH my router and my QNAP NAS. This is due to those 2 items being on different floors in my house etc. I would therefore have to choose one of them to connect directly to the Nucleus Plus and then the connection from the Nucleus Plus to the other item would have to be via Ethernet by mains via Devolo plugs. I currently have 4 Linn streamers in my house and they are all connected to my router and the QNAP NAS via various Devolo plugs and the setup generally seems to work OK.
I know this is not ideal but do you think I could get away with this proposed set up if I bought a Nucleus Plus and which of the 2 items (Router or QNAP NAS) would it be better to connect directly?

Well you want the nas and the nucleus on the same Ethernet location as they talk directly to each other. Power over Ethernet might work ok but it’s warned against…but if the setup you have now works it should be ok.

No offense meant by picking words here, but PoE is low voltage power supply over Ethernet cable, EoP is Ethernet transmission over power line…

Slight of late night posting Ethernet over power of course is what I meant

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Thanks again for your responses-very helpful