My MacBook will not recognize my USB connection

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge Audio 751R connected to MacBook USB audio cables.
Cambridge Audio CXN V2 streamer connected to 751R via RAC.

Number of Tracks in Library

Don’t know, but many, currently have active Tidal and Qobuz subscriptions.

Description of Issue

MacBook will not recognize my USB connection. SOS @ipeverywhere :)

@ipeverywhere OK, I think we’re live.

Ready for the calvary to show up!

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Over the last year, periodically when it occurred I I’ve always been able to restart my computer and it resets. It ain’t happenin this time.

Do you have a DAC plugged in? If so, I’m guessing some sort of MAC setting. This is what I see with Dragonfly plugged into PC.

@ipeverywhere suggested I start this thread, and folks would get me straightened out. I’m not even sure I’ve got my system configured correctly.

I currently own an iPad pro and would love to use it to control my system for convenience and ease of operation if it won’t degrade my signal appreciably.

I do own some really sweet high end speakers and a really nice PS audio P15 power regenerator that I’m using to feed my system clean power.

I am not using a separate DAC.

My integrated Cambridge Audio A/V receiver was sort of a one off thing, it has a number of cool high end features such as upsampling on the signal … and my Cambridge Audio streamer has a great processor also.

I have no idea how to optimize either and I’m open to suggestions.

Shouldn’t I be able to see my USB Audio connection underneath: This Mac …?

Describe how you have physically cabled the Mac to the Cambridge device(s). Is it USB?

Do you have a Cambridge Audio Azur 751R and the CXN V2?

What one were you using when it worked? Both could support connecting to Roon so let’s focus on the one you want to be the “endpoint” or zone you want to use for Roon.

I have a 5m Purist Audio Design usb audio cable that is plugged into the back of my CA 751R.

My CA CXN V2 is connected to my CA 751R via some rca cables.

I’m not sure how the endpoint thing works. Would the iPad Pro be considered an endpoint?

the usb audio plug in the rear of the CA 751R is fairly unique, I think. My understanding was that that would give me the highest quality signal from my laptop.

Open to suggestions.

In Settings → Audio this should show-up and its not. This is why nothing is working so lets focus on that.

Gave you power cycled the 751? That is, unplug for 30 seconds, then plug it back in? I would do that and when you plug it back in, turn it on, and select the USB input. Then check Settings → Audio and see if anything has changed.

It may also be good, when you have the 751 unplugged to unplug and reconnect the USB cable on both ends. Sometimes cables come loose so a good time to just snug everything up.

Report back and we’ll go from there.

I have unplugged, waited and replugged the 751R and usb audio cable … all connections and restarted and still nothing.

Try a regular printer style USB cable as a test.
Some of these spendy boutique USB cables have been known to be problematic.
Some do not have a 5v cable connection internally.

Don’t ask how I know…:roll_eyes:

@TheHammer sorry, don’t have one. But don’t think that’s my issue.

Could very well be wrong.

I use AirPrint, btw.

Only reason I got this fancyass usb audio cable was to utilize the unique connection option on my 751R to allow highest level of fidelity possible.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m open to the wireless option if it won’t appreciably degrade the quality of my signal and resultant level of fidelity.

See if you can borrow one.
It will not be the first time a boutique cable has been the problem.
Had exactly the same happen to myself.

OK, could be cable. Basically, Roon is no longer recognizing the 751 as a DAC. I’m tagging @support and maybe they can look at some log files to identify if Roon has some issue with this device.

Until then… the CXN V2 is Roon Ready which means if you plug a network cable into it then Roon should see it as an endpoint. It would be a different endpiont than the 751 but at least you’d be able to listen to music. How is your CXN connected to things? Have you ever plugged it into your network?

@ipeverywhere Is it possible we could bypass the usb audio cable all together and get my system back up and running via a wireless connection?

Have had a very busy last couple of days, and have not had time to mess with this, let alone go buy a cheap usb cable to test that theory.

Plan to execute whatever steps are involved to be able to access my music again tonight when I get home from my family Christmas Eve celebration … if some of you geniuses out there would be so kind to help me understand the way to accomplish that.

Thank you very much, indeed, for your help. It’s very much appreciated.

Your Cambridge Audio CXN V2 is Roon Ready and supports Wifi. Have you set that up. Once that is set-up the CXN should show-up as an endpint you can enable in Roon. Once enabled use the CXN for Roon and sxelect the RCA input on the 751.

@ipeverywhere Thank you so much, indeed … can I do that on my iPad Pro?