My MacBook will not recognize my USB connection

I don’t know how to setup Wifi on the CNX. Refer to Cambridge Audio docs for that or maybe someone with a CNX can assist. Once Wifi is up on thr CNX then you can enable it in Roon via any of the remotes.

If the v2 is the same as the v1, the CXN has 2 different USB settings IIRC - go into the CXN’s menu system and switch it to the other one and reboot everything and see if that works.

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Hi @Rob_Williams2 ,

Have you had a chance to swap out the USB cable? Are you still having the same issue if so? Please let us know!

@Jim_F I’ve been very distracted w/ other stuff going on in my life and haven’t even addressed the potential usb problem yet. I’m making time to respond so this thread doesn’t auto close in a month if you don’t … and my goal is to not only correct whatever’s causing me this problem, I would really like to get my system connected optimally.

I have an iPad Pro that’s never even been used w/ my audio system and as I mentioned I’d actually prefer the convenience of a wireless connection. I paid some fairly big bucks for a very high end usb 5m usb audio cable b/c at the time I was striving for the highest fidelity possible. I’d kind of like to see if there’s any noticeable decrease in the quality between the two, is what I’m thinking.

So if someone can help me get my sound back using my iPad vs. the usb cable I’d be very grateful.

I hate to admit this but I’m just this side of computer illiterate. Not proud of it but I really have no interest in computers and my profession doesn’t require me to do much w/ them. I know enough to get in and do what I need to do and get out and that’s cool with me.

I must admit that I’m missing my system because it chills me out better than anything.

Thanks again for the help!

: )


Suppose I should also mention that the reason I responded to @Jim_F is b/c when I sat down to read responses I’d received yours is the one that sounded like you may be able to help me resolve my issue.

Thanks again

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