My MFSL albums are "unidentified" and I can't find them


My MFSL albums are “unidentified” and I can’t find them on the list. For example I have the complete Frank Sinatra albums and The Beatles from MFSL but none of them are present in the list when I try to identify them properly. I am pretty surprise to not find them since they are very well known issues, maybe am I missing something?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Franck_franck,

Can you share some screenshots of the albums as they appear in Roon currently as well as how they’re organized in your storage location via Finder or File Explorer?

thanks for your quick reply!
Sure, for example, in my library, I have one folder called “Frank Sinatra The Collection MFSL Box”, then in there I have all the albums called only by their name and in each album folder I have the files in .dsf and a jpg (for the album cover).

If you ripped your SACD’s, there is a big chance the tracks do not contain any metadata at all.
Which makes it extremely difficult for Roon to identify these albums.
If you are using windows you can use free software mp3tag to check fir metadata.

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Hi @Franck_franck,

As BlackJack mentioned, if there are no file tags that could definitely cause some issues here and make it difficult for Roon to properly be able to identify albums. From here you have a couple of options.

First, you could manually identify the album in Roon. If you click the Unidentified hyperlink it will bring you to an identification windows that will allow you to search for the album in our database.

Alternatively, you could fix the file tags for this album. You could do this manually with file-tagging software, or find an automated method like SongKong.

Either one of these methods will help get albums identified for you.


Thanks @dylan but when I click the Unidentified link the MFSL albums don’t show up