My MicroRendu disappeared from my network

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OK, so not exactly a Roon issue, but I was away for a couple of months and now I can’t find my MicroRendu on Roon or on my network (using

Any tips? It’s on, there are two lights in the back, one green and one yellowish (?).

No connections were changed, everything is still the same.


If you can’t even see it via Sonicorbiter then it sounds like it’s sd card with the OS on it has died…not uncommon unfortunately.
Had this myself numerous times.
Only fix is to buy a new SD card from SGC direct for that model with the latest OS installed.

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I see.

Well, not ideal but nothing too tragic either.



That’s just my take on it but from prior experience.
I would contact Andrew gillis at SGC direct to get his thoughts in case there is anything further to try.


Good luck!

The best way to contact Small Green Computer is to use the “Contact Us” button on the web site.

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