My Muso 2 will only connect via Airplay

Muso 2 is Roon Ready is it not, so why isn’t it showing as a networked device? Chromecast and Airplay are showing but not the Roon Ready entry, as in your screenshot for your Atom. Should be three entries?

@Anthony_B You are right I saw it networked but didn’t spot the Chromecast banner.
@Michael_O_Donnell1 not set up quite right yet. Not sure why. Do you have a firewall on the W10 PC?


Yes I do, but I have excluded Roon in the settings as advised by Norris.I’ll try turning it off.

That was it! I switched off the firewall in Avast, and restarted Roon. As soon as I did, Windows Defender asked me if I wanted to allow Roon and RAAT access, to which I said yes. Roon started and there was my Muso as Roon Ready device.

Thanks so much for all your help.

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You might now be able to reinstate the firewall. Have a go and see.

No I’m afraid not.

I’ll live with the Windows firewall. By all accounts it’s perfectly adequate.

Yep defender and the inbuilt firewall are fine.

Hi @Michael_O_Donnell1,

Glad to hear that the MuSo is properly showing up with the Avira firewall turned off. My suggestion here would be to add similar exceptions for Roon.exe and RAATServer to your Avira firewall so that you can have this turned on, instructions on how to do so can be found here. Either way, glad to hear you’re up and running!

Thanks, Norris. it was Avast though, not Avira. I have added those exceptions and it still didn’t work.

Thanks for everything, Ged. The difference between using the Muso as and endpoint and over airplay is huge. The main thing I notice is that it sounded way too bright over Airplay. The sound is altogether more balanced now.

Hi @Michael_O_Donnell1,

Apologies for the confusion. I have found this documentation for the Avast firewall setup. It looks like you can configure the different level of firewall blocking on a per app basis. I would try the different level settings to see which one allows Roon to operate properly. Thanks!

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