My new nucleus not recognizing internal ssd

Installed a new internal 2Tb Crucial SSD in my new Nucleus and it is not showing up to be formatted. No problem installing the drive.

Hey Bill – just to clarify, you’ll followed the instructions up to this step, correct? And you’re not seeing an option in the web interface?

Is that correct? Are you able to confirm the drive is working elsewhere? It’s ok if not, but worth asking just in case it’s easy to check, but hasn’t been done yet.

In any event, let us know what you’ve tried so far, and we’ll get this working. Thanks!

Hi Mike, followed all instructions. Have not verified if drive is functional elsewhere. I’m sending to a friend for that. Bill

Ok, after the New Year I can have diagnostics analyzed for you, but that’s a good first step.

Let us know how it goes, and Happy New Year!

Hi Mike, I responded this morning but who knows where it went (addressed to Mike). Took drive out, formatted, put back in and voila. Recognized, nucleus reformatted, and we’re good. Thanks for the attention. Happy New Year! Bill

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My new 2Tb internally mounted Crucial SSD was not showing up to be formatted in Nucleus. I took it to a friend to make sure the drive was working. He suggested formatting it as it came with none, put back in Nucleus and voila, formatted and good to go.

Interesting – thanks for letting me know.

Any chance you have a link for the drive? Was it used before it went into Nucleus, or fresh out of the box?

It was fresh out of the box. Nucleus was not recognizing, took it out of nucleus, formatted with exfat, stuck it back in nucleus, nucleus recognized and formatted.The 2Tb drive had not been formatted when my friend first saw it. We were finally able to start transferring my music from my external drive to nucleus internal drive using finder showing 13 hours to go when it stopped after 15 minutes or so saying this operation could not be completed because the disk was full. 20 or so songs made it. What? Another friend suggested that perhaps some sort of partition had occurred during our initial formatting in trying to get nucleus to recognize the drive for formatting. My other friend thinks we should try a different route. It was my understanding there was no partitioning on nucleus internal storage. The internal drive still shows 1.98 Tb available. Both friends agreed in saying finder might have trouble with such large files and perhaps a different vehicle should be employed. I’m here stuck in the middle just trying to communicate. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bill

Thanks @Bill_Peck – I just moved those back into the original thread, and pinged our Support team to get this written up in our tracker.

They should have a report written for me soon, and I’ll make sure we have a developer look at your diagnostics tomorrow.

Apologies again for the trouble – this is very strange. Could you tell me what kind of drive you’re using here?

The one I installed in the Nucleus is a Crucial 2 Tb MX500 2.5 in SSD. The drive with my music is a Seagate Barracuda 2Tb SSD with 1.7 Tb of music on it. To me it’s strange that of the 36 songs I managed to import before being notified the disk was full, all artwork and audio were fine. When I removed the internal storage the artwork was gone but the audio portion was still there and played, all 36. They were, for ex., AIFF 24/192, NOT Tidal, and played just fine. Where were they stored. I even removed my music drive from my network. It seems that I was loading my music into some other drive? Very confused. Bill

I should have said 36 Albums, not songs, in my prior message. Bill

Hello @Bill_Peck,

We took a look at the diagnostics from your machine but we are not seeing the internal drive listed at all, have you by any chance connected it via a USB enclosure instead? We are seeing some IO issues with the drive connected via USB.

If you would like to continue troubleshooting as to why it is not usable when connecting it nativity, please try connecting it back without the enclosure and then I will ask QA to take another look at the diagnostics.