My NUC just died after running very hot on 2.0

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NUC i5

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Direct to Router by Lan cable

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Description of Issue

Roon 2.0 upgraded on ROCK fine then after a few hours, the connection was loose, then I discover the NUC was running very very hot for no apparent reason. Then the NUC would Neve turn on again…

Hey @Samuel_Hau,

I wanted to check in on this thread and see if you were still running into issues with your core? After taking a look at your account, it looks like your NUC was online and running just a few minutes ago.

Certainly let me know if you’re still running into issues here :+1:

Yes, the NUC just died from overheat. Wonder what Roon server was pushing it to do to get so hot. I was NOT playing anything when it happened.

When you saw it online I had used a NAS. Now I have sent the NUC to be repaired and it’s back up now.

Hey @Samuel_Hau,

Thank you for letting me know. I will enable diagnostics on your account and take a closer look into potential causes of the overheating.

If possible, are you able to share a general date and time when this issue occurred?

Hi, it happened in the afternoon of 21 Sep London time. I was trying out ARC in the morning and then stopped using it around noon time. I discover it was hot and burnt in the late afternoon. So my guess is around 1pm-7pm

Well, it have died again last night after coming back from repair, please let me know if you found anything special during those times…

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Hey @Samuel_Hau,

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into the same issue! Out of the gate, Roon 2.0 shouldn’t be causing this issue on your NUC. I’d be curious to learn more about the NUC and its environment. Did they confirm the fan on the NUC was functional when you took it in for repair?

How is your NUC set up? How is it connected to your network?

Does the device boot up at all? We’re not able to connect to the device to enable diagnostics. If possible, use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader?

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My NUC is just a standalone machine running Rock on a 256G NVMe, with an 1TB 2.5" SSD for music plus a USB 5TB external HD for more files. It connect directly to the router via a LAN cable.

Hey @Samuel_Hau,

Thanks for letting me know. We’ll need to explore what memory usage looks like on your NUC through your Roon logs.

Let me know if you’re able to send over logs :pray:

In addition, are you able to check the NUC’s BIOS to ensure that the fan is set to run in a proper way and also ensure that the vents are clear? The easiest way is to remove the bottom panel and then blow some compressed air works through the vents.

Unfortunately it is dead, so probably too late to get logs…

Hey @Samuel_Hau,

I’m so sorry to hear this! We encountered one other case like this a few years back, in which the cause of the issue had to do with an unstable power adapter situation. Were you given any specific diagnostic reports from when you initially sent it in for repair?

I can say with confidence that Roon 2.0 has software specifically written to auto-quit itself in situations of a core overheating. Nonetheless, this is certainly a frustrating situation to be in and you have my sincerest condolences.

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