My NUC7CJYH (it’s not on the list but it is UEFI) is not working with ROCK

My NUC7CJYH (it’s not on the list but it is UEFI) is not working, when attempting to install ROCK.

The USB install gets stuck on Welcome to grub on top left screen. I tried to create two USB drives in different ways but same result, Ubuntu and all UEFI systems are working fine and everything in the BIOS is as the guide suggests.

Any way to fix this?

Hi @uberv,

To give your question more prominence I’ve spilt it out to its own topic in the #tinkering section.

I have the 11th gen version of this Celeron line, as well as the Pentium version too – I also can not get them to boot.

GIven that they’re not readily available and the i3 is not much more expensive and available, I’ve not fought to get it to work… that’s why it’s not on the list.

So we need to wait for an update I guess, correct? Maybe could it be some problem with the grub.cfg file inside the image?

it could be insmod efi_gop that is failing i guess… that grub file does very little

No. It’s not my intention to work on this motherboard model, as I don’t have one and it is not recent.