My Nucleus has no connection on network on all my remotes

Roon Core Machine

iPhone 12, MacBook Air M1 128

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple Time Capsule

Connected Audio Devices

Sonos Amp, Sonos Move, Sonos One

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Description of Issue

After a night’s sleep, I could no longer connect with my remotes, the LAN light is blinking green the other is also green.

I have tried another lan cable but no change. Sometimes the status is light orange.

Got an HBMI cable to my TV but no signal. What else can I do?

Try Rebooting everything , including the network . Often helps

I rebooted everything several times it didn’t help.

can you get anything showing if you plug the nuceus into an HDMI display/tv and reboot it?

are there any lights on it?

is it a RevA or B

how new/old is it? warranty - 2 years!

can you access it via web GUI? if not then maybe its network port failure or system boot failure (SSD)

I connected it to an HDMI port on my TV and rebooted and got a black screen. I have nucleus.local in Safari but couldn’t connect. I don’t know if I have a revA or B. I bought it three months ago. What else can I do?

If you see no signal on the screen it soundsike a hardware fault. Contact your dealer or if bought direct from Roon @support will contact you.

Hey @Arjen_Houter,

Ben here with the support team, for next steps I will get in touch via PM. Please keep an eye out for a message from me, thanks!

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