My nucleus is not showing my iTunes library

My iTunes library is not showing after migration

Hi @Jimmy_Wade1,

That’s not a lot to go on to be able to offer advice and assistance.

Can you share more on the background to this such as what did you migrate from and what steps you did to perform this including how you have up the Nucleus.

Also checkout the Roon’s Help Site search for iTunes, there’s some good advice for both new and experienced users alike.

I’ve gone through the migration steps from my Mac Core to my Nucleus and on the Web Administration interface have all OK’s. My Tidal and Qobuz work great. My Nucleus shows up in my Network.Under Storage on my Nucleus it has- Nucleus Internal Storage and \Nucleus\Data.I have no imported files.Under Add folder- Choose strorage folder it shows \Nuceus Data > Folder listing > Codecs, Machine Settings, RAATServer, RoonGoer, RoonOS, RoonServer,Storage, Library.xml, nucleus, README.txt. In my Apple Music Advanced Preferences I have no Share files or Music choice or box.Im not computer savy and would really appreciate any help.Also I need to make sure my Mac Core is gone. I don’t want to be charged for two cores. I have Apple Music and my music is in the cloud doe’s that make a difference?

Hi @Jimmy_Wade1,

No need to worry there! You will only be charged for two licenses if you specifically tell us you want to do that. Otherwise, you can switch between Cores at any time without worry.

For the iTunes library, you’ll need to add a macOS network share for the location that the music is stored on your Core machine. Apple Music streaming isn’t supported, but if you have local files on your Mac you can add it with a share.

Thanks,I’ve deleted the Mac Core. My Nucleus core is working great. I’ll just use Tidal and Qobuz for my home system! Sounds better anyway. I LOVE the Roon Radio!! I can’t figure out the share. Since I have Apple Music I think it has something to do with different files being used and in the cloud. Anyway Thank you.

I’ve got everything up and running great except now I need to back up my Nucleus but keep getting an error.

See my new topic …

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