My Nucleus keeps losing its connection [Resolved with Roon 1.8 (Build 806)]

The ROCK/Nucleus status page is at the IP address of your Core:

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That’s the one! :blush: So, next time you get the ‘lost connection’ message as soon as you possibly can go to that URL again and note how long the Roon Server Software has been running - if it’s the resetting issue then it will have only restarted a few seconds or a minute before. That will at least rule out network issues and centre the problem with the software or the Nucleus.

PS. Someone did manage to help in a similar situation by setting a Static IP address for the server, you can see the button to do that directly below the Networking tab. Just make a note of the present IP address (in the Roon software go to Settings and then About and you should see the current IP address there). If you go back to the Nucleus web page and click that ‘Static IP’ button and type in that address the server will then always be at that address (rather than getting a possible different address each time it is switched off from the router)… didn’t help me but it might help in your situation?

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Setting a static IP address within the server isn’t optimal. It’s best to keep your IP address via DHCP and set an IP reservation for your Nuc in your router/DHCP server.


Sorry guys, I bought a Nucleus because I wanted to keep things as simple as possible and although I appreciate your responses, they’re over my head. :weary:

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Steve, the guys are trying to help you diagnose possible causes of the “losing connection” message here.

Ignore the suggestions to fiddle with network addresses, and concentrate on the main point: the Web Administration Interface page of the Nucleus gives you a handy way to check on the status of the Nucleus.

So, as @Tim_Woodward says, the next time you see the “Lost Connection” message, go to the Web Administration Interface using your web browser (refresh the page in your browser, if you already have the page open), and note how long the Roon Server Software has been running in comparison to how long the Nucleus’s Operating System has been running.

  • if the running times are the same, then we’re dealing with a network issue.
  • if the Roon Server time shows that it has just restarted, then we’re dealing with a Nucleus issue.

That will give Support valuable information to suggest the next steps to crack the issue.


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Thanks Geoff, but I’m not able to access any screen while my connection is down. It just shows that I’ve lost the connection and that it is trying to reconnect as shown on my screenshot from the first post.

There’s likely to be a difference in connectivity between the two types of screens

  • The connection to the Web Administration Interface is done using your web browser
  • Screens in the Roon interface are handled differently.

The first should still be available as long as the Nucleus operating system is running. The second will be lost if the Roon Server software on the Nucleus stops (or lost temporarily if it is reset).

Please, the next time you see the “lost connection” message, could you check to see if the Web Administration Interface is still available, and what it says. This will provide valuable data to help further with the diagnosis.

OK, I will absolutely make and effort to get to the Web Administration Interface in the event it goes down again. If this thread is still open, I’ll post a screen shot here, otherwise, I’ll contact Support. Thank You Geoff.

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There is a support allready asked for. Same issue. My crashes happends mainly with qobuz high res files…

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Yes, this Roon Server resetting issue has already been reported, but it also makes sense for Support to collect as much data as they can to help in diagnosis.

You will note that Steve described his issue as Roon “losing connection”. What we are trying to establish now is whether there are two separate issues at play here or just the one…


@NipperDog Steve I don’t think its likely for this or other threads on this very issue to close any time soon! Just keep an eye on that status screen and report back as several of us are following this post so it won’t get lost (I have that web page loaded in a web browser whenever I’m listening - and sods law has meant it hasn’t reset once since I did that!! :laughing:)

What would be brilliant is if @support (and I’m mentioning them again as seriously, they do need quite a rattle on their cage in a thread before any action seem to be forthcoming…) could get together with the mods to get these ‘resetting’ issues together in a single thread (providing they are related issues of course) so we can get some proper attention to a problem which seems has been going for many months.

PS. Not being mean to the guys at support here, but I’m getting the feeling some new users are getting a very poor idea of the Roon experience, especially those who have bought a Nucleus - which is a very expensive way to enjoy a dedicated Roon server and one which should undoubtedly be as painless an experience as possible for the uninitiated - who it is aimed at!


Tim, thanks so much for all your help and support in this thread, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

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Tim, that’s not the preferred way of working of Support, as I understand it. They prefer to have separate threads per issue and will track them internally. Mainly because seemingly the same issue very often turns out to have different causes.

And yes, the Support queue has been longer than anyone would have wished for these past couple of months, but the guys (and gal) of what is a small team are working hard to get things back on track.

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And I can see they’ve been busy splitting this thread up already! As if they haven’t enough work to do! :laughing: Ah well I’m only glad my set-up is only on a second hand NUC and not the mighty Nucleus - now that would *** me off! Let’s hope these occurrences help shed some light on the matter - mine hasn’t missed a beat since I started watching it like a hawk! :rofl:

PS. I did completely reinstall ROCK, from a new download on a new USB stick so…?

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Hi @NipperDog ,

I just wanted to reach out and confirm that our dev team has a ticket in for a resource leak that we believe is the cause of the issue you (and others) are seeing. I don’t have any specific timeframes just yet, but we’ll be sure to reach out when we have news on this.


Hey Dylan, thanks for keeping me in the loop on this issue. I really appreciate it.

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Hi @dylan - just wanted to say I haven’t had a reset for 9 days for my issue over in the other thread - I am still poised to send a log report as soon as (and if) I do get another one… hopefully it my be the same memory leak issue but I’ll wait and see - mine has been a lot more stable since I reinstalled ROCK from scratch.