My OPPO does not show up as networked Roon endpoint [Reason B&O ‘Special’ firmware]

I’m curious, is it badged as an Oppo or B&O device?

OPPO, which is why I don’t see the point of messing with the firmware.

What version does the B&O firmware report ? The instructions contemplate a two-step upgrade for early versions. Is the USB procedure not working also ?

Again, there is a B&O firmware, has to be downloaded from a special web page and then I can do USB upgrade - OR, I can perform a network firmware upgrade and it gets the correct one.

I am on the latest, March 8, ending in 224 version firmware.

I agree, get it onto the regular firmware and then you can enjoy Roon. Also if there is any future firmware you can just do standard upgrade.but it is annoying to have to send back.

After downloading the latest firmware, you have to restore your OppO to factory settings.
Then set it up again. I have the 203 and roon works fine.
also in the menu of the oppo set it network stanby.
In windows turn on Network Discovery.


This is dated April 2, not April 1. Would it have something to do with having the last UDP-205?

Oppo - Farewell

I was going to suggest you forget about getting it fixed, get a refund from the B&O dealer, and use it to buy a standard one from Oppo. But under the circumstances, sure, send it to Oppo and let them fix it, they’re still offering full support. According to the site there will be more 205’s available mid July but I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

I assume there was another reason for the custom firmware besides a custom splash screen, like integrating with B&O systems. Generally I like to support good companies like Oppo and not companies that screw me, like B&O did to you, but under the circumstances, getting what you wanted and paid for is more important.

I’m curious as to the story behind this corporate decision. Maybe the Hi Fi mags will have an update.

Since you bought the 205 for Roon, and these players are going away (there might be more 205s later according to Oppo), I’d send it to Oppo and let them fix the firmware for you.

Yes, maybe a little hassle, but in the end you’ll have a great player to use as you expected and want. :slight_smile: